Introduction to EV's
and EV Charging


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Section 1

Introduction to EV Charging

This section will provide an overview of electric vehicles, including their history, technologies, benefits, and drawbacks. It will also discuss the different types of electric vehicles available on the market today.


Section 1: Introduction to Electric Vehicles

Section 2: Introduction to The Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Section 3: The Different Types of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Section 3.1: Types of Charging Ports

Section 4: The Cost of Electric Vehicle Charging

Section 5: The Market for Electric Vehicle Charging

Approved Members Only - Part 2


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Section 2

Advanced EV Charging Topics


Section 6: The Sales Process for Electric Vehicle Charging

Section 7: The Marketing Plan for Electric Vehicle Charging

Section 8: The Financial Projections for Electric Vehicle Charging

Section 9: The Legal and Regulatory Issues for Electric Vehicle Charging

Section 10: The Future of Electric Vehicle Charging

Things You Should Know

Key Take Aways

Section 1 – is all about getting to know EV’s and EV Charging basics. 

Section 2 – you will get be introduced to the explosive potential and some things to consider while evaluating the EV Charging industry.

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