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Commercial electric vehicle charging stations in a parking garage.
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Electric vehicle charging stations in use.
EV Charging Stations
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An electric car is parked and charging under a solar panel canopy at an Arizona commercial EV charging station.
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Charging Station Experts

Across the Southwest, our turnkey installation and integration solutions are simplifying the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) and other energy transition technologies. Our leaders have worked together to perfect the processes and technology platform at the core of EnergyOne’s solutions.

Some of our clients include Schools, Hotels, Government, Event Spaces, Apartments, Condos, Retail, Commercial, Industrial, and business.  Our team will maximize all your rebates and incentives.

Hand holding an electric vehicle charging plug near a commercial ev charging station.
Education and Government

Schools and Government have unique schedules and needs for EV charging equipment.  We are making it easier for all school district schools, charter schools and Government to take advantage of federal programs and mandates.

Electric vehicle charging station in a parking garage, featuring Level 2 and DC fast EV charging stations.
Commercial and Fleet

We take a multi-dimensional approach  when we create charging solutions, and customer programs.   We review your goals and targets (which can be service, or it can be monetization or a combination) then explore how you can best maximize your potential.  We have class leading software that is highly adaptable and customizable.

Electric vehicle charging stations in use.

We help apartments, condo’s HOA’s and any community properties setting up charging stations.  We will look at how you want to serve your clients, tenants or owners most effectively while ensuring you are able to bill, schedule or view the electricity and accompanying fees as needed.

What we Do

Charging Stations

Industry leading level 2 and fast DC chargers. Our equipment is ETL/UL Tested and ISO 15118. We have the best equipment available.


Our experienced and licensed professionals come on site and make a plan, then our experienced crews come and get everything installed and ready to go.


Most of our equipment is OCCP 1.6 or 2.0 and highly flexible with application management and mobile apps.

Long-Term Support

All our stations have support options that have you up to date and running 98.3 to 100 percent of the time. We also keep your equipment DOT and DOE compliant.

Assessments & Advisory

Fleet and Equipment advisory services determine the advantages of electrification and then provide the roadmap to environmental and your ROI.

PreConstruction Planning

We make sure we have all the paperwork and planning in place to make your charging upgrades as seamless as possible.

What We Do

Charging Stations

Leading Level 2 and Fast DC Charging Stations


Experienced and licensed professionals at your service. Top quality results. Industry satisfaction leaders.

Supporting Software

Most equipment is OCCP 1.6 or 2.0 and our developers will customize and support your charging needs.

Long Term Support

Count on several support options which as you running between 98 and 100 percent of the time.

Assessment and Advisory

Fleet and equipment advisory services. Understand and maximize carbon emissions and power consumption.

Preconstruction planning

We make your project easy. We take care of everything.

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