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Exciting New Level 2
Fast and Reliable
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Faster, Smarter, Greener: Revolutionize Your EV Charging Experience
Embrace the future of EV charging by utilizing our versatile commercial AC, and fast charging stations. Built and designed with security, speed, and reliability at their core. Experience the best charging technology available.
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Industry Leading
Solutions For Business and Locations of all Sizes.
Our commercial EV charging solutions cater to the demands of businesses, offering high performance level 2 and level 3 fast charging. Our equipment offers the highest performance and reliability, with a focus on a greener future. Let's work together to support the electric revolution.
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Experts at the forefront of charging station technology.
End-to-end solutions for charging electric vehicles. Our comprehensive services cover engineering, installation, and state-of-the-art EV chargers pre-loaded with EnergyOne Cloud Network services. *
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Why EnergyOne?


EnergyOne is a full-service electric EV charging station company.  We bring ideas and solutions to you.

We take your project from site review, to industry leading AC and DC charging equipment,  construction and installation, then cloud services to manage and monitor your stations.

Incentives and Rebates

We have the most comprehensive database of rebates and incentives available both locally and federally.   You maximize the available funds and ITC’s and maximize the stations value.

We are proud to have saved 100’s of thousands of dollars for our customers


Maximize your installed equipment’s value with highly profitable host, owner or management revenue opportunities.

Add scheduled discount periods, or premium use times that coincide with your rate plan.

EnergyOne Cloud helps maximize your EV revenue potential

Licensed and Insured

We are highly skilled tradesman and professionals give our clients what they expect and more.   

Our team of licensed and experienced construction , electrical and engineers are perform to the highest standards.

Our team knows what it takes.  Fully licensed and Insured.

Our Products and Services


EV Charging Stations

Industry leading AC and DC charging stations. ISO/UL standards. Forward thinking solutions.


Cloud EV Service Software

We monitor and support your stations in the cloud. Complete over air updates and access.


Solar Parking Solutions

Bring renewable energy onsite, and connect. Lower your carbon footprint and costs.


Electrification Assessment

We take a 360 view of your fleet and equipment and provide projections and analytics.

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Take a look at what’s new

Collaborative Success


Get your project ready to go with where to put your charges, and help you be ready to scale when you need it.


You are integral to the success of your stations.  We are your collaborative partners.


Lets get things turned on and working.  Once they are we stick around for the long run to keep things running smoothly.

About EnergyOne

Across the SouthWest, our turnkey installation and integration solutions are simplifying the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) and other energy transition technologies. Our leaders have worked together to perfect the processes and technology platform at the core of EnergyOne’s solutions.

“25 years providing strategy and solutions backed by analysis, data, high returns, and lower costs.” Benefit from current programs.


We work and collaborate with engineers, proven manufacturers, developers, engineers, contractors, and suppliers.

Seemless management and control of your EV Charging Stations from anywhere.  

We provide layers of security and control of your stations.  

We establish your chargers on our network and national search platforms.

Industry-leading monetization and control over your chargers.

EnergyOne Exceeds Expectations


EV Charging Station Consulting Services. EnergyOne is a full-service electric  EV charging station consulting company with offices in the US and Canada, We have been assisting organizations in helping them reduce their carbon footprint and become more efficient since 1999.

Our services range from site analysis, charging station hardware, installation, software integration, incentive maximization, project administration,
maintenance and maximize the location goals of monetizing and increasing utilization of charging stations.


We take a holistic and practical approach to single
and multi site project management.
– Analysis
– Site Dynamics
– TCO – Total Cost of Ownership – Electrical and
Infrastructure Review
– Load analysis
– Timelines and expectations
– Equipment and Software
– Financial and Utility Integration
– Equipment and Software Maintenance and Support



1. EV Charging Station adoption is at a rapid pace, incentives and rebates have never been more attractive.

2. Monetize programs for charging stations.

3. Provide employees and clients access to chargers

4. Utility and service vehicle transition to electric will require access to power

3. Electric vehicle (EV) sales have surged, with growth in all three top auto markets: China, the US, and Europe. Sales increased by 160% in the first half of 2021 from a year earlier


There is a rapidly growing interest in and sense of urgency around achieving net-zero emissions. More and more organizations in diverse industries are announcing plans to go carbon neutral and/or achieve net-zero emissions. Many are committing to do something positive for the climate and there’s been increasing push from customers, shareholders and external stakeholders.  

Learn about the possibilities with EnergyOne.  

You are the part of the solution.  

Since 1999 We have been serving companies and becoming leaders in maximizing operating and financial results for our clients.

Our electric services include site analysis, charging station hardware, installation, software integration, incentive maximization, project administration,  maintenance, and maximizing the location goals of monetizing and increasing utilization of charging stations and charging solutions.

More ways we help

Maximizing Value

We have access to get the highest possible rebates and incentives possible for your project.


Experienced certified experts. we find best solutions for your business.

Highly Trained

EnergyOne has highly trained and qualified professionals to get the project done right.

Customer Service

Our team is here to help you both onsite and offsite.

Proven Equipment and Software

We only use proven and certified equipment and software. We rigorously test and evaluate everything we use.

Fast Help

We are here to help when you need it. Onsite service and maintenance.

EnergyOne is committed to providing the best EV charging stations and solar installation services. We offer a wide range of EV charging stations, from education to commercial, and our team of experts will help you find the perfect one for your needs. We also offer incentives and discounts to help you go solar. Learn more about our services today!

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Certified and Tested L2 and DC Charging

“Lead with renewable solutions for charging.  Always available when electrical hook up are not.”

EnergyOne Solar Canopies

Let's Connect

EV and renewable experts in Arizona, and soon NM, NV, and CO.  For over 25 years our team has brought solutions to companies across the nation.  Let’s plan, and install your next project.  

Come join our rapidly growing team of talented tradesman, and engineers.  

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