Diagram illustrating the sun path and shading loss at different times of the year with azimuth and elevation angles for Arizona commercial EV charging stations.
Maximize Solar Potential
Up to 44% Higher Efficiency
Solar panels and commercial EV charging stations installed over a parking lot adjacent to an office building in Arizona.
Solar Canopies
Built in Hours, Not Weeks
Solar panel canopy over a parking lot providing shade to parked cars and equipped with Arizona commercial EV charging stations.
Industrial, Agricultural, Commercial

“Lead with renewable solutions for charging.  

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EnergyOne Solar Canopies

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Maximizing Potential

Solar panel-covered parking with a commercial EV charging station and a wind turbine in the background on a clear day in Arizona.
Commercial Parking Lots

Support sustainable value for your business providing carbon mitigation, employee and guest enablement, and revenue opportunities.

Solar panel-covered parking providing shade for parked trucks and equipped with Level 2 commercial EV charging stations.
Truck Charging Facilities

Transitions to electric trucks are approaching at a record setting pace.  Our solutions allow for full semi height charging stations.

Three solar panels at different tilt angles with time labels indicating their positions at 7 am, noon, and 7 pm are connected to a commercial EV charging station.
Agricultural Innovation

Flexible independent agricultural solutions allowing for power solutions that enable irrigation and other remote power benefits never seen before.

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