Top 10 Reasons Your Business Needs EV Charging

There are so many reasons to add charging stations to your business, school, hotel or office. Get more customers, keep customers or guests longer, and
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Category: College Campus Charging Stations

Category: College Campus Charging Stations

Top 10 Reasons to Install Charging Stations

Attract Customers:  Customers are four times more likely to visit your store if you have charging stations available. Help your customers or guests feel safe and supported with charging stations.

Don’t Limit Who Visits:  Hotels and conference centers have guests traveling to visit from all over. Evidence shows that hotels or event spaces with charging stations are more likely to attract guests and clients. If you don’t have charging stations, guests will choose properties that do.

It Makes Financial Sense: Save money and maintenance costs by electrifying your fleet. E-Trucks, vans, and delivery vehicles can cut costs significantly. Utilities and government incentives are helping you move over to clean, efficient energy. EnergyOne are experts in site and fleet planning. Your TCO will decrease drastically, and your ROI will go through the roof.

Environment: Show your commitment to the environment by going electric! Say goodbye to oil changes and gas stations and hello to a cleaner conscience – and cleaner air.

The Market Is Growing:  As the post-pandemic era begins, Electric-vehicle (EV) sales continue to rise. Almost every auto manufacturer today is committed to an intermediate transition to electric vehicles. Most manufacturers have set targets to go fully automatic starting in 2025 and beyond. Each announcement lets us know we are closing in on the end of the fossil-fuel era. So what does that have to do with your business? or your school?

Lead in to the Future: To make electric vehicles viable, their drivers need to know they’ll be able to charge wherever they are. Business and school campuses can play an essential role in building EV infrastructures for their communities. And at the same time, charging stations can also help generate revenue. Both businesses and schools can apply for state and federal grants and incentives (EnergyOne can help guide you through the process) which will help offset initial installation costs.

More Reasons …. 

To that end, we’d like to give you four more good reasons (aside from just the financial ROI) that installing EV charging stations might be one of the best green initiatives for your business and your school.

Community and Schools:  Universities and colleges don’t just close down and go quiet when classes are out. Schools are major centers of culture within a community. Colleges see more activity, from festivals to meetups, concerts, plays, and political events than most locations in any given town or city. That wide-ranging use makes them a perfect fit for EV charging stations. Generally, charging stations should be put where they’ll see the most benefit. University (and corporate)

Let everyone know they have a place to charge:  Electric vehicles need charging stations. As long as people are intimidated by their concerns about where to charge, EV sales won’t reach their full potential. As it stands, one study found that 58% of prospective drivers fear running out of power before being able to recharge, and another 49% are scared of the low availability of charging stations. Having charging stations available helps the likelihood of people buying more sustainable vehicles in the future. Installing EV charging stations everywhere ensures you’re doing your part in bringing us all closer to a sustainable future.

Signal who you are: Universities, Colleges, Government, Schools, and businesses help set a precedent in the community. By installing EV charging stations, you’re signaling to the world that you know the future is coming — and you’re a part of it.

ROI on your investment: While EV Charging Stations are an investment, they also offer the possibility of an ROI. While you may decide to offer an inclusive fee for EV charging (or added benefit), you can also open chargers up to passersby and visitors and charge them per kilowatt hour or session. So you will always have some extra benefit one way or another.

In Summary:  The reasons to install EV charging stations at your business or university range from the moral to the practical. It can help save the environment, make good use of extra space that’s already accessible by the community, forge partnership opportunities and position you as forward-thinking. Whatever your reason, the fact remains clear: there’s much to gain from installing EV charging stations.

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