Aston Martin is shaping it's sustainable future with an agreement with Lucid Motors for their batteries and technologies.
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Aston Martin Accelerates Ambition to Create Thrilling Electric Performance Cars

Aston Martin has taken a monumental step towards achieving its goal of producing the most exhilarating and desirable electric performance vehicles in the world. The luxury car manufacturer has entered into a groundbreaking supply agreement with Lucid Group, a global leader in electric vehicle technologies. This partnership will play a significant role in Aston Martin’s high-performance electrification strategy and long-term growth.

Under the proposed agreement, Lucid, renowned for its advanced electric powertrains and battery systems, will become Aston Martin’s provider of cutting-edge electric vehicle technologies. These industry-leading solutions will be at the core of Aston Martin’s new in-house Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) platform.

The electrification program spearheaded by Aston Martin is a crucial component of the brand’s broader green racing and sustainability strategy. Over the next five years, Aston Martin plans to invest more than 2.5 billion dollars in advanced technologies, transitioning from internal combustion engines (ICE) to BEV technology.

Lawrence Stroll, Executive Chairman of Aston Martin, expressed his excitement about the partnership with Lucid: “This supply agreement marks a game-changing moment for the future growth of Aston Martin through EVs. We have chosen Lucid based on our strategic requirements and are thrilled to gain access to their high-performance and innovative technologies for our upcoming BEV products.”

Stroll also highlighted Aston Martin’s collaboration with Mercedes-Benz as another key pillar supporting their internal development and investments in delivering their electrification strategy. Additionally, their recent partnership with Geely will provide opportunities to tap into Chinese market expertise and access to various advanced technologies and components.

With the newly introduced bespoke BEV platform developed by Aston Martin, the company aims to power its entire future lineup of electrified models. All future vehicles will be built on this platform, from hypercars to sports cars, GTs, and SUVs. The first model is expected to launch in 2025, preceded by the introduction of Aston Martin’s first plug-in hybrid, Valhalla, in 2024. By 2026, every new Aston Martin model line will offer an electrified powertrain option. Ultimately, the brand aims for its core range to be fully electrified by 2030.

Mercedes-Benz AG will continue to play a vital role in providing Aston Martin access to various top-tier technologies, including powertrain and electric/electronic architectures for current and future generation vehicles.

Roberto Fedeli, Chief Technology Officer of Aston Martin, emphasized the significance of the partnership with Lucid in achieving their electrification strategy: “This proposed agreement is a crucial aspect of our plan as it grants us access to industry-leading powertrain and battery systems technology. Combined with our internal development efforts, this collaboration enables us to create a versatile BEV platform that can accommodate all future Aston Martin products.”

Fedeli also highlighted how precise control over torque delivery to each wheel will enable Aston Martin’s engineers to elevate the driving experience and establish a unique dynamic identity for their BEV models. The company’s consulting arm, Aston Martin Performance Technologies (AMPT), which draws knowledge from Formula One®, aids in realizing this vision by transferring rapid problem-solving skills and technology advancements from racing to road car programs.

Efficiency-enhancing features like active aerodynamics, drag reduction techniques, intelligent powertrain management, and sleek bodywork further extend vehicle range and optimize performance.

Aston Martin is collaborating closely with partners such as Brembo on developing brake-by-wire technology that enhances vehicle range while improving brake response. Working alongside Pirelli has also yielded advancements like the P Zero R tire featuring Pirelli Cyber Tyre technology. This system collects data from sensors within each tire to provide accurate real-world range calculations.

The supply agreement with Lucid underscores Aston Martin’s unwavering commitment to establishing itself as a sustainable, ultra-luxury high-performance brand. Whether in the development of ICE, PHEV, or BEV road cars or excelling in Formula One®, the company’s green racing sustainability strategy exemplifies its dedication to building exceptional vehicles for future generations.

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