How EV Charging Stations Can Benefit Car Dealerships

Car dealerships have everything to gain, and everything to lose by not getting ahead of installing EV charging stations.
Exploring the impact of ev charging stations on customer retention at car dealerships.

Stay ahead of the curve: Why car dealerships need to offer EV charging solutions

As the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to grow, car dealerships are increasingly looking for ways to attract and retain EV customers. One of the most effective ways to do this is to install EV charging stations on their property.

Dealers that aren’t stocking EV’s when clients are ready to buy are leaving brands they’ve been loyal to for decades.  Companies like Tesla are taking market share at a rate that couldn’t have been predicted.

Attract and Retain Customers:  There are multiple benefits to installing EV charging stations at car dealerships. Studies have shown that EV owners are more likely to do business with dealerships that offer EV charging stations. This is because EV charging stations provide EV owners a convenient and reliable way to charge their vehicles.

Differentiation: Installing EV charging stations can help car dealerships to differentiate themselves from their competitors. In a market where more and more dealerships are offering EV sales and service, having EV charging stations can help dealerships to stand out from the crowd.

Marketing Opportunities: Having EV charging stations at your dealership opens up marketing opportunities to showcase your commitment to sustainability. Dealerships are leveraging this feature in their advertising campaigns, social media posts, and other promotional materials to differentiate their dealership from competitors.

Fight Climate Change: Installing EV charging stations can help car dealerships to reduce their carbon footprint. By providing EV owners with a convenient way to charge their vehicles, dealerships can help reduce the amount of emissions released into the atmosphere.

Save Money, Make More Money: Installing EV charging stations can help car dealerships to save money. There are a number of government and utility incentives that are available to help dealerships offset the cost of installing EV charging stations.

Incentives and Rebates: In North America, there are various federal, state, and provincial incentives and rebates available to car dealerships that install EV charging stations.

These incentives can offset a significant portion of the installation costs, making it more financially viable for dealerships to embrace this technology.

Here are some of the specific benefits and incentives

Federal tax credit: The federal government offers a tax credit of 30% of the cost of installing EV charging stations up to $30,000.

Utility Rebates: Some Utilities offer rebates for installing EV charging stations. These rebates can offset the installation cost, making it more affordable for dealerships to install EV charging stations. (Rebates can exceed $300,000 for qualifying properties.

Loyalty is Important: EV charging stations at car dealerships. For example, EV charging stations can help to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. They can also help to attract new customers and boost sales.

Manufacturer Requirements:  Most manufacturers require dealers to install charging stations. Dealerships must understand that some supply constraints (equipment and human capital) are slowing down mandated installation date requirements.

If you are a car dealership looking to attract and retain EV customers, installing EV charging stations is a great way. With so many advantages, there is no reason not to install EV charging stations at your dealership today.

Tips for Dealers:  Here are some additional tips for car dealerships that are considering installing EV charging stations:

Plan ahead: It is essential to plan ahead when installing EV charging stations. This includes determining the number and location of stations and the type of chargers you will need. Companies like EnergyOne in Scottsdale, Arizona, are experts and know most manufacturer requirements and what you may need now.

Choose the right chargers: A variety of EV chargers are available, so choosing the right ones is vital. Consider the amperage, how you will utilize the charging stations, and the type of vehicles you will serve.

Advertise your charging stations: Once your EV charging stations are installed, be sure to advertise them to your customers. This can be done through your website, social media, and in-store signage. Reputable charging companies will help you with your external mapping and give you ideas on how to let your customers know about all your exciting changes.

Provide customer support: If your customers have questions or concerns about using your EV charging stations, be sure to provide them with customer support. This helps ensure that they have a positive experience using your charging stations. Your full service 

charging company will help with that; they are experts in helping customers charge and leave your dealership with a smile.

EVs are growing at a rate faster than expected; talk to EnergyOne about how you can install, replace, or expand your charging infrastructure. Install charging stations today, and don’t get left behind.

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